End of Strange Summer

It seems like I have been here forever.  I know that’s completely inaccurate, but being in a Human body seems to make time tic away at a different rate and this body is so limited.

So many of you are back home now, which makes me very pleased.  This place is getting more insane each day and I am not sure it is safe where I currently reside.  The government has gotten weird.  I am worried that we may be seeing some sort of revolution at some point. I have lived to see those before on this planet and they are pretty ugly.  I don’t relish seeing it again.  It makes it worse since I am in an inappropriate body.  The Humans in this country seem to be blind to the developments that have taken place and do not realize such a dangerous time in which they live.  They prefer to be like sheep and be herded around by sanctimonious sheep dogs who play on their fears and worries.  And it all comes down to money with those types.  They are so greedy.  And the Humans portray us as greedy.  It is a great insult indeed and a reflection upon Humanity’s inability to face the reality of their own behavior.  So they place it on a life form they believe to be an inferior animal that is powerful and evil.  They should look in the mirror a few more times.

But to the point…   I have decided to keep you all appraised of the activities of those of us that are still trapped on this strange messed up little planet.  I will continue to work with “offworlders” such as the Tutulachians about removing our people from this planet.  I need to be able to talk and share with you all to stay sane.  I will write soon again.

The Dragon Correspondent – (c) 2013