Been too long

It’s been too long since I last made a post for this blog.  Life seems to be taking me in so many directions that lead to an unfocused path.  I really long for that focused path that I used to have as a dragon.  Life is more peaceful and creative back home.  Sure, we have occasional arguments about this and that, but never anything that is so intense that it requires a constant high level of stress.  This time in Human development is high stress, and to be quite honest, it does not agree with me.

I keep thinking about the times I used to rest or sleep next to this cool pond.  And a couple of years ago I found a painting online that was very reminiscent of that feeling and setting.  I have no idea who made this wonderful picture, but I do indeed like it very much.  The vision I have in my head is near a large open area next to a shallow river where the water flows peacefully and one can easily see through the water down to the river bed.  There is a huge flat rock surface that is warm and comfortable.  This is nestled within a mature forest where flowers and ferns grow abundant.dragon sleeping 01I will try and post more often and share my memories of a time and place that is very different from Earth.   Until then, rest well knowing that home exists again and will be a place for the future.  🙂

The Dragon Correspondent – © 2014


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