A Furry Experience

Norbert and Loki Dragon portrait 1000hI went to a furry event.  You know those conventions where people put on costumes that look like all kinds of fuzzy creatures.  And since I am a creative person I wanted to see what they did.  And after walking about and seeing displays and activities, I came to the conclusion that wearing the fur costume allowed many of these people to express their deepest wishes to be playful, free, happy, and to simply get away from the stress and restrictions of modern society.  As adults, we are not allowed to play unless it’s with an accepted format such as golf or tennis, and to simply walk up to a bunch of strangers and be carefree and friendly without worrying about race, religion, politics, or financial status is very therapeutic.  It’s also something that very rarely happens in a regular everyday setting.  Human culture has become so very restrictive, and I think Humanity shall have to fight with all their will to remain a creative species.  With the ability to have such quick communications and sharing of information, groups that may wish for a restrictive controlled society will try and destroy this new form of mass communication.  They will work on putting their culture and their ideas on how all should behave and think.  This is my warning to everyone, protect your rights and freedoms.

One of the reasons why I went to the convention was to see for myself what it was like and how these people behaved.  I was told by one friend who was into the furry culture that “dragons are assholes.”  Now being a dragon myself, I was curious as to why dragons were given such an rude label.  I don’t think I am asshole.  So while there we had access to the discussion panels that were being held.  The topic was called something like “Otherkin and Therians”, which was a complete mystery to me, but the description implied that the topic had something to do with people who felt they were indeed not humans but something else.  I thought I could relate to a topic like that and was curious to see what the speaker would say.  I had no idea that people were even discussing such topics enough to be arguing about it.  I had to come to my own conclusions and realizations many years ago without the benefit of finding others with the same inclinations.  And I certainly was not going to opening discuss such ideas with the general public because they would think I was crazy!  It’s bad enough recalling past lives let alone an existence that is non-human.  So I was quite alone with a only a few trusted souls that I could share this knowledge with.  But these people were discussing this openly.

The discussion turned out to be rather interesting and I was impressed with some of the people who shared their thoughts on the topic.  They were quite sincere, well spoken, and did not appear to be intoxicated or insane.  Many of them were young adults who had struggled with their feelings and had difficulties with their families.  It appeared that many had had strict Middle Eastern Religious (namely Christian) upbringing which caused them a great deal of sadness and put them in conflict with their parents.  Many spoke of moving away and rejecting their parent’s cultural and religious beliefs after having been shamed, tormented, and harassed.  It was sad, but I also felt proud that these people had the courage to stand their ground for what they knew was true for themselves and apparently have found a community of like minded as well as opened minded souls.

It was an eye opening experience that allowed me to discover that there are people seriously discussing this and not treating it as a topic for mental health concerns.  And I hope that my occasional thoughts of being a dragon stuck on this planet for a bit longer may give others hope and comfort knowing they are not alone and that the future holds a time when they can return home.  I cannot speak for those of other species such those that associate with canines, felines, bears, birds and so forth, but knowing that one is not alone facing such a realization can be very beneficial to leading a productive existence in their Human form.  My best advice here is find friends that are accepting and like minded, and do your best to be adaptable to the current situation so that you can function alongside your fully Human companions.

– The Dragon Correspondent (c) 2015