Uncertain Autumn

It is Autumn now and the leaves are starting to change color and there is a chill in the air that harkens the call of Winter to approach.  I am not sure how I feel about this.  I did not have the opportunity to enjoy the summer sun’s heat next to a lake or stream as I am used to doing.  At least back home I could fly to any location I choose to enjoy regardless of what the season was.  Here, I am somewhat trapped by Human conventions.

The country in which I live in has a strange confused government that claims to be one thing but does the opposite.  The Humans are confused because they want to believe that their government is for them and cares about their well being, but it does not.  This is especially frustrating for me since as the first dragon, I was designed and made to be a leader.  Luckily, my Queen is now home managing things while I finish up here, but I still feel the call of duty as to what I was designed to do, and that is lead, manage, and protect those under my rule.  The Human leaders do not take the same attitude as the dragon or as the Fenram.  The Human leaders often will look at leadership as something to become intoxicated with, an ego trip of glory, fame, power, and wealth.  They do not understand that the sacred duty as leader is to protect, nurture, educate, which is much like the roles that they assign themselves as parents.  They understand the concepts but do not translate them to leadership of a nation or world.

This makes me very sad indeed, and they will not listen to those that are not showering them with wealth or glory.  It is a very curious attitude considering that some Humans have assigned these negative foolish behaviors to us.  They can only see our hordes as something they wish to obtain and assign the same greedy attitude to us since it is what lurks in their own hearts and minds.

We shall see what happens concerning this strange land that I currently live in.

Dragons happily collaborating on projects.

Dragons happily collaborating on projects.

In the meantime I will leave you with a happy image to keep in your hearts while waiting for the safe return of your kindred spirits still left on Earth.

The Dragon Correspondent – © 2013


End of Strange Summer

It seems like I have been here forever.  I know that’s completely inaccurate, but being in a Human body seems to make time tic away at a different rate and this body is so limited.

So many of you are back home now, which makes me very pleased.  This place is getting more insane each day and I am not sure it is safe where I currently reside.  The government has gotten weird.  I am worried that we may be seeing some sort of revolution at some point. I have lived to see those before on this planet and they are pretty ugly.  I don’t relish seeing it again.  It makes it worse since I am in an inappropriate body.  The Humans in this country seem to be blind to the developments that have taken place and do not realize such a dangerous time in which they live.  They prefer to be like sheep and be herded around by sanctimonious sheep dogs who play on their fears and worries.  And it all comes down to money with those types.  They are so greedy.  And the Humans portray us as greedy.  It is a great insult indeed and a reflection upon Humanity’s inability to face the reality of their own behavior.  So they place it on a life form they believe to be an inferior animal that is powerful and evil.  They should look in the mirror a few more times.

But to the point…   I have decided to keep you all appraised of the activities of those of us that are still trapped on this strange messed up little planet.  I will continue to work with “offworlders” such as the Tutulachians about removing our people from this planet.  I need to be able to talk and share with you all to stay sane.  I will write soon again.

The Dragon Correspondent – (c) 2013